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Grow your Green: How to plan for a rising tax environment

November 10, 2020By
Person doing finances (Photo: ridvan_celik/E+/Getty Images)

Landscape Management columnist Dan Gordon, CPA, details how landscape contractors can prepare their companies for a rising tax environment. read more

How to tell if your numbers add up

September 18, 2019By
Calculator and billing (Photo:

In his monthly column, Marty Grunder explains why it's important for landscape professionals to understand the financial side of their business. read more

Tips to improve your financial literacy

August 15, 2019By
Highlighters and spreadsheet (Photo: Ken Thomas and Ben Gandy)

Ben Gandy reveals why lack of financial literacy is one of the leading causes of business failure and how to overcome it. read more

Compete by mining your financials

October 16, 2018By
Report image (Photo: Meepian)

How can average companies compete against large companies and lowballers? That’s the question. Here’s the short answer: They can’t. Average companies are just that—they’re average. Middle of the pack. Not special. Neither good nor bad. Just average. Polls have shown that in America, the majority of people consider themselves above average—a mathematical impossibility. If you are average, then competition will... read more

High Performance: Eliminating the cash crunch

February 10, 2016By

Managing a seasonal business often translates into regular cash crunches, as both revenue and expenses ebb and flow throughout the seasonal cycles—and not in unison. The good news is there are plenty of companies in our industry who have successfully conquered the seasonal cash crunch. What can we learn from these companies? First and foremost, they study their financials regularly.... read more

Five steps for successful strategic planning in 2013

November 8, 2012By

Now is the time to assess this past year and make plans for improved performance next year. Involve your staff and create a strategic plan that everyone can support. Here are 5 steps towards improved profits. 1. Assess your financials. Compare your numbers to last year, and of course, to your budget.  But don’t stop there! Assess each of your... read more