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Fighting fire ants

March 27, 2019By
Fire ants (Photo: Joanie King, Texas A&M University)

Fire ants. These mound-creating, stinging crawlers can pose a problem for lawns in the South and Southeast. A lawn care operator and a researcher offer their recommendations for getting these insects under control. “Fire ants are pretty simple things; they tear you up, and you have to suppress them,” says Steve Alicky, the integrated pest management (IPM) manager for West... read more

Control tips for fire ants

February 20, 2019By

Use these tips to better control fire ants. read more

FMC: Triple Crown

March 14, 2014By

Triple Crown is a three-way combination of FMC bifenthrin, FMC zeta-cypermethrin and imidacloprid, offering multiple modes of action on more than 30 above- and below-ground turf and ornamental pests, including ants, fire ants, grubs (masked chafer, European chafer and Japanese beetle), chinch bugs, annual bluegrass weevils, ticks, mites, billbugs, mole crickets and more. Available in an emulsion-in-water (EW) formulation, the... read more

FMC, Trad’s Pest Control rid school of fire ants

August 7, 2013By

In northern Florida, this summer’s excessive rains have caused fire ant populations to explode. At one school, the fire ant problem was so bad that Trad’s Pest Control, a Jacksonville-based pest control and lawn care firm, stepped up to help for free. The company donated a fast-acting fire ant treatment to the grounds of San Juan del Rio Church and... read more

BASF launches fire ant insecticide, postemergent herbicide

June 4, 2013By

BASF’s Crop Protection division has released Siesta Insecticide Fire Ant Bait, which includes the proprietary active ingredient metaflumizone for the control of native and imported fire ants. It is labeled for use on golf courses, residential turfgrass and ornamental landscapes, recreational, commercial and industrial areas, among other sites. “Siesta Insecticide Fire Ant Bait is the only sodium blocker insecticide that... read more

FMC names 5 winners in ‘Friday Night Lights’ contest

November 15, 2012By

PHILADELPHIA—For five high schools throughout the southern United States, there’s one less thing to worry about before playoffs: fire ants. That’s because each school won 10 bags of Talstar XTRA granular insecticide featuring Verge technology, a new product from FMC Professional Solutions that offers fast elimination of fire ant mounds as well as season-long protection. Winning the contest were: Suwannee... read more