Educate, entertain and inspire: A recap of Elevate 2023

September 20, 2023By
NALP closed out Elevate with a larger than life bash at Texas staple Gilly's. The party included armadillo racing, a speakeasy and live karaoke. (Photo: LM staff)

As Elevate entered its sophomore year, the NALP’s new show shows no signs of slowing down. read more

Solitare WSL Herbicide from FMC

September 15, 2023By

Control over 40 weeds — including sedge and crabgrass — with just one product. Solitare WSL Herbicide contains sulfentrazone and quinclorac in a water-soluble liquid (WSL), the most complete combination against post-emergence weeds. Apply Solitare WSL on both warm- and cool-season grasses for flexible control. Its one-two punch attacks both the foliage and the root, giving quick results without the... read more

LCOs can save up to 36 percent with FMC’s September Spotlight

September 5, 2023By
Logo: LM Staff

FMC’s September Spotlight promotion runs through Sept. 30 and its Early Order Program runs Oct. 1 to Dec. 9. read more

People on the Move: Updates and hirings from Bartlett Tree, Yardnique, John Deere, FMC and more

August 15, 2023By
Logo: LM Staff

Updates from John Deere, Bartlett Tree Experts, Yardnique and more. read more

FMC: Solitare WSL Herbicide

August 3, 2023By

Solitare® WSL herbicide controls over 40 weeds with just one product! The convenient crabgrass, sedge and various broadleaf weed control contains sulfentrazone and quinclorac in a water-soluble liquid (WSL) and is a complete combination against post-emergence weeds such as Crabgrass, Clover, Wild Violet and Yellow Nutsedge. Solitare® WSL can be applied to both warm and cool season grasses and provides... read more

Unlocking the secrets of successful doveweed control

August 2, 2023By
Correct timing of preemergent herbicide applications is crucial for doveweed control. (Photo: Syngenta)

Learn how to scout and control this stubborn summer annual. read more