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Pearl Valley Organix Healthy Grow

August 19, 2015By

Healthy Grow 5-2-3 is an all organic, homogenous granule of egg-laying chicken compost, feather meal, potash, iron and molasses. This OMRI-listed and proven formula has helped lawns recover and flourish through the toughest seasons helping home and business owners with results in the lawn, garden and bottom line. Healthy Grow also adds HOLGANIX to create the ultimate organic-based plant food... read more

Step by Step: Calibrate a broadcast spreader

July 21, 2015By

To make sure your clients get good results, properly calibrate your broadcast spreaders. You’ll need an open turf area, tape measure, flags, scale, bucket, calculator, pencil and paper. First, adjust the spreader to the 
recommended settings on the product’s label. -Place the bucket on the scale, and record its weight. Then, pour the product in the bucket until there is... read more

Download: Calibrate a broadcast spreader

July 7, 2015By

Featured is a PDF version of the July 2015 Step by Step on how to “Calibrate a broadcast spreader” for use in company training efforts. Click here to download. read more