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TAG: Fred Haskett

TrueWinds Consulting to host seminar to help pros maximize profits

May 11, 2022By

A virtual seminar hosted by Fred Haskett and Beth Berry from TrueWinds Consulting promises to get pros thinking profitably in 2022. read more

Harvest Group establishes virtual peer group

November 21, 2017By

The Harvest Group introduced a new peer group called the Harvesters’ Virtual Peer Group. The group, meeting monthly via phone, provides business owners the opportunity to talk with peers in similar-sized companies about the everyday challenges of running a company. Lead by Fred Haskett, The Harvesters’ Virtual Peer Group brings together groups of eight to 12 fellow contractor-related businesses from different... read more

Web Extra: Tasks for mowing and detail service visits

October 17, 2017By

In the 2018 LM Business Planner, Fred Haskett discussed the importance of identifying and creating an efficient workflow. Below is a list of Haskett’s suggested tasks and sequencing for mowing and detail service visits. Tasks Crew leader Primary Inspect property focal areas, such as main entryways, building entries, sign areas, flower beds, etc. Make sure those areas are free of... read more

Harvest Group starts peer group

February 29, 2016By

The Harvest Group launched a new peer group called The Harvest Leaders’ Group. The peer group will be a “safe, non-threatening environment to test ideas, share new strategies or solve problems,” the Harvest Group said. The group will meet face-to-face two times and on conference calls four times per year. Head harvester and lead facilitator Fred Haskett will match qualifying... read more