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TAG: fuel safety

SafetyWatch: Be aware of fuel types

July 10, 2017By

Every experienced landscaper will tell you a story of the wrong fuel being used in a piece of equipment. There are two possible outcomes—both bad: It’s time-consuming to drain the improper fuel and start again, or the equipment is badly damaged because it has run on the wrong fuel. Either way, it’s an expensive hassle. There are four types of... read more

SafetyWatch: Safe fuel handling

June 1, 2016By

It’s easy to forget that fuel is a toxic, extremely flammable substance. It can harm us, our environment and equipment, if used improperly. When it comes to equipment-filling techniques: Avoid filling a hot piece of equipment, and never add fuel to a running machine. There is a risk that fuel spilled on the muffler or other hot component could ignite. Start a... read more