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Howler fungicide label now covers ornamentals

April 26, 2022By

The EPA approves an expanded label from AgBiome's Howler fungicide for use in ornamental plants. read more

BASF introduces the company’s first fungicide developed for lawn care

April 20, 2022By

BASF's first fungicide developed for lawn care offers broad-spectrum control of 26 cool- and warm-season diseases such as brown patch, dollar spot and more. read more

OxiDate 5.0 approved in California

February 5, 2020By

BioSafe Systems announced the approval of OxiDate 5.0, a peroxyacetic acid-based, broad-spectrum liquid bactericide/fungicide, in the state of California. With this approval, BioSafe Systems can now manufacture, deliver and sell the product in California. OxiDate 5.0 is registered to treat and control plant pathogens on grasses including grey leaf spot, leaf rust, leaf spot and stem rust. BioSafe Systems says... read more

Amvac releases new herbicide and fungicide, Oreon fungicide to be renamed Premion

September 29, 2017By

Amvac Chemical Corp., based in Newport Beach, Calif., launched Scepter T&O 70WDG Herbicide and FF III turf fungicide. Scepter, which contains the active ingredient imazaquin, is a selective postemergent herbicide that provides control of hard-to-control weeds in turf and landscape ornamentals, according to the company. FF III is a turf disease product in a dry granular formulation that includes three active ingredients: PCNB,... read more

Pinpoint EPA-approved for dollar spot

October 19, 2016By

Developed by Valent U.S.A. Corp., in conjunction with Nufarm, Pinpoint Fungicide received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for dollar spot control in turf. Pinpoint, with the active ingredient mandestrobin, is labeled for use on turf and lawn sites, including golf courses; lawns around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industry buildings; parks, recreational areas and athletic fields; and sod farms.... read more

Dow: Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide

July 7, 2016By

Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide is the proven choice for curing and preventing more than 15 damaging turf diseases, including brown patch, dollar spot and spring dead spot. It works from the inside out and, unlike other locally systemic products, it protects new foliage by translocating to new growth. Eagle 20EW does not display the plant growth regulator effects often found in... read more