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Quali-Pro gives new product breakdown at GIS

March 5, 2015By

Quali-Pro, a division of Pasadena, Texas-based Control Solutions (CSI), held its “Third Annual Distributor Breakfast Breakdown” on Feb. 26 at the Golf Industry Show (GIS) in San Antonio. Rick Grant, CSI business director—turf and ornamental markets, kicked off the confab by introducing to distributors Matt Shipp, CSI’s new VP of marketing. Shipp holds a bachelor’s degree in agronomy and a... read more

Quali-Pro Strobe 50WG

December 8, 2014By

Quali-Pro® is excited to introduce the first post-patent azoxystrobin fungicide. This water dispersible granule offers excellent control of many turf and ornamental fungal diseases. With preventative and curative properties, Stobe 50WG protects plants systemically to control pathogens causing foliar, stem and root diseases including stem blights, leaf spots, patch diseases, mildew, molds and rusts. Strobe 50WG is available in one... read more

FMC Corp. DISARM® fungicides

November 7, 2014By

DISARM, DISARM G, and DISARM M fungicides provide premier strobilurin disease control performance and value throughout the entire season. The Complete Control System™ gives you the ability to customize your fungicide program based on your specific conditions. Alone, or in DMI-based premixes, DISARM provides patented fluoxastrobin protection from all major patch, spot, and mold diseases. In university trials, DISARM demonstrated... read more

FMC’s Early Order Program returns with B.Y.O.B. bonus

October 2, 2014By

FMC Corp.’s 2014 Early Order Program is running through Dec. 12, featuring a new facet, the Build Your Own Bonus (B.Y.O.B.) program, and extended terms on turf and ornamental products. The early incentive provides participants an additional rebate of 50 percent off the base rebate for purchases of qualifying products until Oct. 31. The base rebate still is competitive in... read more

Quali-Pro: Enclave

September 24, 2014By

Multiple trials from Michigan State University, North Carolina State University, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the University of Connecticut have all found Enclave, North America’s first quad-control technology fungicide, to provide broad-spectrum control that helps prevent most major diseases found in creeping bentgrass greens. Enclave is effective on golf courses, commercial turf, landscape ornamentals, nurseries and greenhouses against dollar spot,... read more

United Turf Alliance: ArmorTech ZOXY 2 SC

August 26, 2014By

As a highly concentrated liquid formulation of an azoxystrobin fungicide, ArmorTech ZOXY 2 SC is labeled for the control of several turfgrass diseases on residential, commercial, recreational and sports turf. The water-based product contains 2.08 lbs. of active ingredient per gallon, and offers low odor and easy tank mixing. UTAArmorTech.com read more