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FX Luminaire adds transformer, 3,000K lamp to offerings

December 17, 2019By

FX Luminaire offers a 150-watt stainless steel EX transformer model, which provides a power and control option for harsh environments and coastal regions that require additional corrosion resistance. “The stainless steel EX transformer combines the high quality of FX Luminaire products with the convenience of a lower price option,” said James Cervantes, product marketing manager. “Customers asked, and we delivered.”... read more

FX Luminaire: HP-48 in-grade light

December 16, 2019By

A new paver light for outdoor lighting systems. The drive-over-rated HP-48 seamlessly integrates with standard paver systems. Engineered with highly durable glass and polycarbonate construction, the fixture features an attractive dark slate finish that effectively complements environmental needs. When used with Luxor technology, the fixture is capable of zoning, dimming and color control. Beyond paver installations, the HP-48 is a... read more

FX Luminaire: MR-16 Lamp Family 

August 6, 2019By

At FX Luminaire, we provide a comprehensive family of lamps of the highest quality to meet diverse lighting needs. Our lamps offer a wide range of choices for maximum lighting design flexibility, including multiple outputs, beam angles, color temperatures. All FX Luminaire lamps are specially engineered to be the most efficient and longest-lasting solutions on the market. Learn more at... read more

FX Luminaire expands line with 5 new fixtures

July 30, 2019By

FX Luminaire added five new products to its line: the ZW, ZC, VO, VC, and KT fixtures. “These elegant fixtures offer simple and versatile solutions for a range of outdoor applications,” said Chad Watters, product manager. The ZW fixture is the company’s first dual up/down solution. The ZC down light is designed for surface-mounted ceiling applications. The VO wall light... read more

FX Luminaire debuts SL wall light

May 15, 2019By

FX Luminaire debuted its SL wall light, which features a high-lumen output for near-grade installations. With four faceplate designs, a compact profile and minimal glare, the contemporary SL wall light is designed for new and retrofit applications that require the fixture to be mounted near or at grade, according to the company. “The SL offers high lumen output and zoning,... read more

FX Luminaire releases new line of LED lamps

May 3, 2019By

The new MR-16 Eco LED lamp family from FX Luminaire provides a high-quality, economical choice for lighting professionals working with limited budgets. To simplify product selection, the lamps are available with two outputs, two beam angles and one color temperature option. To prolong LED life in the field, MR-16 Eco lamps have sturdy, lightweight aluminum housing engineered for optimal heat... read more