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The Big One: How Gahinca Landscape Management restored a shopping center to glory

November 29, 2023By
(Photo: Gachina Landscape Management)

Gachina Landscape Management won a silver award from the 2022 National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Awards of Excellence program for this project. read more

Gachina Landscape Management finds a unique solution for challenging properties

September 15, 2023By
Gachina Landscape Maintenance uses goats to help manage vegetation on properties with steep slopes. (Photo: Gachina Landscape Management)

Learn how the company decided to deploy herds of goats to tackle tough terrain and weeds. read more

Recommender: What’s your favorite irrigation controller and why do you like it?

February 7, 2023By
Max Moreno, vice president of water conservation with Harvest Landscape, says HydroPoint WeatherTRAK Optiflow XR helps his operation manage multiple points of connection. (Photo: Harvest Landscape)

Some irrigation experts share their favorite irrigation controller and why it could be a valuable item to add to your toolbox. read more

What’s the No. 1 water management question your customers ask and how do you answer it?

September 19, 2022By
Questions on monthly water bill variance and service costs are common among customers, experts say. (Photo: OlenaMykhaylova/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Some irrigation experts share the No. 1 water management question customers ask and the solutions they offer to answer it. read more

Locked in a drought California takes drastic measures to slash water use

June 15, 2022By

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California ordered communities to cut water use and implement one-day-a-week watering restrictions. read more

The Big One: West-coast flair

June 15, 2022By
Photo: Robert Hinson

A look at the project that earned Gachina Landscape Management an award from the National Association of Landscape Professionals Awards of Excellence Program. read more