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Ep. 140: What’s up with vertical farming?

August 19, 2015By

George Irwin, president and founder of Green Living Technologies, discusses why vertical farming is becoming a growing industry. He also covers what types of crops perform well in a vertical environment, the advantages and disadvantages of vertical farming, and where we can soon expect to see vertical farms. read more

Landscape Live! to preview DBI Symposium talks

July 31, 2015By

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) partnered with Jody Shilan to preview the speakers who will present at the NALP DBI Symposium on Landscape Live!, an online talk radio show produced in partnership with LM. The conference is being held at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston, Aug. 9-11. The Landscape Live! DBI Symposium Preview series runs Aug.... read more

Off the (green) wall

November 7, 2013By

Green wall and roof installations are a profitable endeavor for The LaurelRock Co. After hearing a talk about living walls and roofs, Burt DeMarche was immediately interested in adding the service to his business. The owner of The LaurelRock Co. in Wilton, Conn., knew it would appeal to certain niche clients—particularly those interested in “going green.” The talk that attracted... read more