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Profit Power: Goal setting is critical, yet difficult to get right

December 17, 2019By

Most lawn and landscape entrepreneurs enjoy setting personal goals. But many have a harder time setting their company’s strategic goals and helping their team set their professional goals. There’s a gap. Why does this happen? Because goal setting is easy when you are naturally driven, and the only person being pushed to perform is you. But that’s not an easily... read more

High Performance: Hey buddy, do you want to race?

February 14, 2018By

When I was younger, I’d race anyone, anytime, for any reason. I’d race on foot, on the ice, on my bike and in my car. I may or may not have been pulled over by the authorities for racing. If you asked me to race, you should have been ready to hit the gas. I still have a bit of... read more

Profit Power: Time to be bold

February 24, 2016By

Have you ever lost 20-30 percent of your business in one fell swoop? A new Leader’s Edge peer group member of mine decided to not get upset when more than half-million dollars of his business walked out the door. Instead of chasing growth, he opted to shrink the company (temporarily), pruning it like an overgrown tree. The result? A swing... read more

Profit Power: Start the year strong

January 25, 2016By

Starting the year strong means getting everyone on the same page, motivated to pull in the same direction as you. Here are eight steps to ensure a successful 2016–and at the end, an invite to a webinar I am holding that explores these strategies in depth. Decide how you want to do business, and then get everyone on the same page.... read more

Managing activities to reach goals

June 15, 2015By

Setting goals is important, says consultant Jeffrey Scott, but in order to hit your goals, you must break them into “activities” you manage day to day and week to week. Here are three examples that apply to sales, company strategy and personal goal setting. read more

Systemization Series: How to design a system

April 9, 2015By

This is the final installment of Dan Pestretto’s seven-part systemization series.  As a recap of this series, we’ve covered: the concept of a business systemization plan; an organization strategy of the four core functions of every business—sales, operations, administration and management; process identification for each core function; how to create an org chart; and job descriptions or position agreements. But... read more