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High Performance: What’s your second half game plan?

July 10, 2017By

Every successful sports team takes advantage of the halftime break to make adjustments for the second half of the game. Successful businesses do the same. Now is the perfect time to huddle up your team to put together your game plan for the second half of the year. What are your top three priorities as a company? Is there one... read more

Profit Power: Time to be bold

February 24, 2016By

Have you ever lost 20-30 percent of your business in one fell swoop? A new Leader’s Edge peer group member of mine decided to not get upset when more than half-million dollars of his business walked out the door. Instead of chasing growth, he opted to shrink the company (temporarily), pruning it like an overgrown tree. The result? A swing... read more

Profit Power: A letter to your future self

December 23, 2015By

A final thought for 2015: Statistics show you are far more likely to achieve your goals when they are written down. The challenge with goals is not that you won’t hit them, but that you don’t dream big enough and thus you hit your goals too easily, and you then become stagnant and bored. For this reason I suggest the... read more

Managing activities to reach goals

June 15, 2015By

Setting goals is important, says consultant Jeffrey Scott, but in order to hit your goals, you must break them into “activities” you manage day to day and week to week. Here are three examples that apply to sales, company strategy and personal goal setting. read more

Profit Power: 4 measures of success for any owner

June 1, 2015By

Are your business and life successful in the four ways that matter most? After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and deeply exploring their objectives, life goals and desires for their businesses and personal lives, I find they are ultimately driven by four measures. Let me start by saying I won’t address their passion for the work they’re doing, the customers... read more

The Grounds Guys Business Building

April 15, 2015By

The Grounds Guys can help you build a business that can be the vehicle to achieve your goals and aspirations. You have all the equipment, but are you equipped for success? While you’re checking your tools and prepping for a busy spring, now is a prime time to prep your business from top to bottom. It’s time to brush up... read more