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TAG: Google Ads

You’re spending too much money on Google and here’s why

April 21, 2021By

Your landscaping peers will tell you Google Ads is too expensive and a waste of money. At the same time, digital marketing agencies will say you need to spend thousands of dollars each month if you want to see results. Neither is true. Google does an excellent job of getting people to believe its propaganda. It does this because it’s... read more

Communication Coach: Target buying intent

November 4, 2020By

As the landscaping season winds to a close in many regions, contractors are looking to pack the schedule to maximize profits for the year. Time marches from autumn to winter with amazing predictability, but there are always opportunities for filling gaps with the right work. Current customers that know, like and trust you should always be your top priority. They... read more

Get started with Google Ads, part 2

January 22, 2018By

In the past year, Google has changed the format of the ads it shows to make them look more like the organic listings that appear below them. The company has done so because searchers are 60 percent more likely to click on the organic listings rather than a paid ad. However, this percentage can be misleading, and a well-written ad... read more