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Get started with Google Ads, part 2

January 22, 2018By

In the past year, Google has changed the format of the ads it shows to make them look more like the organic listings that appear below them. The company has done so because searchers are 60 percent more likely to click on the organic listings rather than a paid ad. However, this percentage can be misleading, and a well-written ad... read more

Get started with Google Ads, part 1

October 17, 2017By

Very few brands have become a part of our vernacular. When consumers want to find an answer to a question or find a service or a product, they simply “Google it.” That’s why it’s more important than ever for your business to show up in the results. With Google Adwords, you can ensure you appear and show up at the... read more

5 AdWords mistakes to avoid

October 31, 2016By
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Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.” This quote by legendary basketball coach John Wooden is one to apply to your marketing and advertising efforts. Mistakes are common with the constant changes in digital advertising and, frankly, they’re expected. However, if you don’t learn from those mistakes and optimize your efforts, you may be throwing money away. After... read more

Getting to page one

March 12, 2014By

Companies are being “pitched” daily to spend money on web marketing, and there are many confusing options. Ask yourself this question: “Is my company even on the grid?” If I’m a prospect and I don’t know your name or company, can I find you if I’m searching for a resource? If you’re not on page one as one of the... read more