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Communication Coach: A 3-point plan for building winning marketing content

June 10, 2020By
Illustration: Mykyta Dolmatov/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Whenever there is a crisis, people seek stability. This is an opportunity for helping your audience. Marketing 101 says you should meet them where they are. They can’t possibly be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram AND YouTube. Do I use all of those channels? Sure, but for different purposes. And that puts me in three or four audiences. On YouTube, I’m... read more

Communication Coach: 7 website elements to convert visitors into paying customers

September 26, 2018By

The only way a website can do its job is with a design and framework that predictably attracts and converts leads into revenue. Many landscape company websites profile elegant photos and captivating videos because that’s what buyers expect. In fact, for my clients, Google Analytics proves project galleries and case studies are the website pages visitors most frequent. However, what... read more

The 99 percent

June 11, 2015By

Small business is difficult to define. What do you consider to be a small landscape company? A million dollars in annual revenue is a convenient benchmark because many entrepreneurs romanticize about making their first million. Others, anecdotally, peg $3 million as a better benchmark of “making it” in this industry because one can apparently get to $1 million or even... read more

Why your website must be mobile-friendly

April 20, 2015By

Google’s changing the way people find your business—here’s what it means for your landscape or lawn care company and how to test your site for mobile-friendliness. Customers find businesses online in a variety of ways: Typing a domain directly into the URL bar after seeing it in an ad or on a truck or clicking through from social media links.... read more

Marketing/Tech: Google Analytics

June 6, 2014By

Marketing your company effectively takes much more than luck. It takes a lot of trial and error, as you tinker with strategy and tactics to get things right and learn more about what your consumers want. Countless hours often are spent planning the perfect marketing piece, looking at different layouts, headlines and offers, trying to come up with the winning... read more