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What you should know about goosegrass

June 7, 2019By
Goosegrass (Photo: Matt Elmore)

A weed by any other name would be as bothersome: This grass has the nickname “crowfootgrass” in some regions because its seedheads can resemble a crow’s feet. The center of the plant is whitish in color, so it’s also sometimes referred to as “silver crabgrass.” No matter what name it goes by, it’s never great to find it in a... read more

Take back your turf

January 16, 2019By
Crabgrass (Photo: Gil del rosario, Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of Dow DuPont)

Crabgrass and goosegrass are two of the most prevalent turf nuisances in the country. Here are a few tips LCOs can use to identify and control these troublesome grassy weeds. Crabgrass Know your enemy: Upright-growing, summer annual grassy weed that grows in patches; Yellowish-green in color; As it germinates, the wide leaf blade is generally wider than turfgrasses; Large crabgrass... read more

FMC: Echelon herbicide

July 1, 2014By

With two proven active ingredients, Echelon goes beyond conventional crabgrass control to delivers preemergence performance against sedges, according to FMC. Echelon controls weeds from the foliage down and from the roots up with efficacy and long-lasting residual for preemergence crabgrass control. It also provides premergence and early postemergence control of goosegrass. Echelon is available as a sprayable application or as... read more