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Graham Spray Equipment: Maverick Spray Rig

May 5, 2019By

Designed to improve upon the pickup truck with spray unit long used in lawn care, the Maverick hits the mark. For one, it’s less expensive. Beyond that, its tighter turning radius offers superior maneuverability on the road. A larger bed makes it easier to work with equipment and provides greater storage capacity. The GSE Maverick Lawn Spray Rig features: 400-gal.... read more

How to get the most out of your spreaders and sprayers

March 22, 2019By
Crew member operating spreader (Photo: SiteOne Landscape Supply)

Two experts give their best tips for getting the most out of sprayers and spreaders. 1. Be consistent. Common mistakes that lawn care operators (LCOs) make are they don’t stay consistent with the spray pattern and they don’t cut in edges near sidewalks and driveways, says Teddy Mathis, sales manager for Graham Spray Equipment, a manufacturer of spray rigs. Mathis... read more

Graham Spray Equipment: Graham LawnScaper

January 5, 2019By

All your lawn care equipment and landscaping gear on one rig! With the Graham LawnScaper, versatility, efficiency and safety come together in a perfect setup for your landscape and lawn spray business. The Isuzu NPR-HD truck’s bed accommodates a ride-on mower or spreader sprayer, a Graham spray unit (300 or 400 gallons), and all the other tools of your trade.... read more

Graham Spray Equipment adds new rig to its lineup

May 8, 2018By

Graham Spray Equipment added the GSE LawnScaper rig to its lineup. “More and more of our customers are landscapers who want to add lawn, tree and shrub care so they can be a full-service business,” said Dave Arnett, Graham’s sales manager. “With the LawnScaper, we can give them a rig that’s safe and meets all their needs.” The LawnScaper accommodates... read more

Graham Spray Equipment: Compartmented 600-Gallon Unit

April 22, 2018By

Mixed-turf routes? No problem for the GSE Compartmented 600. This dual system unit features 400-gal. mechanical agitation alongside 200-gal. jet agitation, allowing one rig to service multiple grass types. Dual pumping stations let two techs spray at the same time. Learn more at www.GrahamSE.com or 1.800.543.2810 read more

Graham Spray Equipment to include A/R diaphragm pumps

March 30, 2018By

Graham Spray Equipment is now including AR diaphragm pumps, manufactured by Annovi Reverberi, among its selection. Annovi Reverberi is a manufacturer of diaphragm pumps used for lawn, tree and shrub care across 85 countries and provides private label pumps to the North American market. “We want to assure our customers that we haven’t switched to some new, untested component in... read more