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What to think about before buying tanks, nozzles or hoses

February 1, 2023By
Know where you plan to grow in order to get the right setup for your operation. (Photo: Graham Spray Equipment)

Donny Pitts, general manager of Graham Spray Equipment, offers his advice on what to look for when buying tanks, nozzles and hoses for spray trucks. read more

Best practices to keep spray rigs and tanks clean

September 28, 2022By
Regular cleaning of your spray rig is the best way to keep it operating smoothly, according to experts. (Photo: Tyler Hollenbeck)

Lawn care operators share their best cleaning tips for spray rigs and their best practices for keeping them in top-notch condition. read more

Companies in the News: Awards, new partnerships and programs from Takeuchi, LMN and more

March 16, 2022By

The latest news and updates from green industry companies, including Takeuchi, Arborjet | Ecologel, Titan International, Landscape Management Network and more. read more

Graham Spray Equipment: Customized Rig

October 13, 2021By

Spray Shrubs, Trees & Turf from One Rig This specialized rig can carry lawn care products alongside applications for ornamental trees and shrubs, reducing the number of visits to each property. The unit includes: Bigger tanks, segmented for lawn, ornamental trees and shrubs Larger bed for easy access to equipment Customization with high-quality parts and superior workmanship Backed by our... read more

5 keys to trouble-free reels

July 26, 2021By
Man operating spray rig (Photo: Hannay Reels)

Truck-mounted or fixed, reel systems can withstand harsh outdoor environments with occasional, basic care. Here's a look at how. read more

Graham Spray Equipment: Maverick 1

June 16, 2021By

Superior handling, greater cargo capacity, easier access to equipment – and more – at a very nice price. Designed to improve upon the pickup truck with spray unit long used in lawn care, the Maverick hits the mark. First of all, it’s less expensive. Beyond that, its tighter turning radius offers superior maneuverability on the road. A larger bed provides... read more