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Helena releases micronutrient mix

May 13, 2015By

Helena Chemical Co., based in Collierville, Tenn., introduced a new granular micronutrient mix called MicroMerge 55441SP. According to the company, the product enhances soil fertility programs, and its blends are formulated to prevent or correct micronutrient deficiencies. The new 55441SP formulation is designed for turf applications. It provides a combination of five micronutrients—iron, magnesium, manganese, sulfur and zinc. The granule... read more

Holganix Granular 6-0-0 with Biodac

August 29, 2014By

When Holganix is blended with Biodac, the result is a granular bionutritional product that acts as a catalyst—achieving results comparable to lawns using a much higher nutrient value fertilizer, the company says. It works synergistically to use nutrients and water more efficiently, while building deeper and denser root systems for healthier overall turf. Holganix.com read more

Spring Valley rolls out new solutions for spring

April 16, 2014By

Spring Valley launched two new solutions: Ornamine and Protego. Ornamine is a nutrient-rich granular fertilizer combined with a preemergent weed control for use in ornamentals. The active ingredient in Ornamine controls 30 different weeds by preventing the germination of the weed seeds. Two applications during the season eliminate the need for manual weed pulling or spot spraying. Spring Valley’s new... read more