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Grasshopper adds a stand-on mower with low center of gravity

May 8, 2023By

The new stand-on mower, the SO26 comes in two deck sizes and offers and adjustable command center tower and low center of gravity. read more

Grasshopper Releases Stand-On Mower

May 6, 2023By

The Adjustable Command Center Tower provides 4.5″ of range and easy accessibility to levers and controls. The extra-wide, extra-thick pad provides all-day operator comfort. The EZ Deck Lift Lever allows for easy adjustment of cutting height. The transmission and engine are mounted on the deck, ensuring no damage to drive belts or engine components when adjusting your deck height. The... read more

Get the scoop on Grasshopper’s new stand-on mower

November 15, 2022By

The new stand-on mower from Grasshopper was unveiled at the 2022 Equip Expo following three years of testing. Lee Hall breaks down some features. read more

Breaking down the booths: A roundup of what to see at Equip Expo

October 14, 2022By
Ariens plans to launch a record number of products at Equip Expo. (Photo: Chris Higdon)

LM helps take the guesswork out of the Equip Expo trade show floor with a roundup of what to see at the booths in Kentucky. read more

Comfort is king with next generation of zero-turn mowers

September 27, 2022By
As zero-turn manufacturers develop new mowers, a key focus is on ways to increase rider comfort and ramp up work efficiency. (Photo: Grasshopper)

Zero-turn mower manufacturers say increased comfort and greater efficiency are the most in-demand features for landscaping professionals. read more

Seth’s Cut: An incredible industry

June 16, 2022By
Graphic: LM Staff

Seth Jones chats with industry pros who share some of their wisdom about the green industry following the release of the LM150 list. read more