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Shades of gray: Irrigating with graywater

July 7, 2015By

With the West’s drought—and California’s historic response to it—making national news, the seeds of water conservation have been planted in the minds of homeowners and property managers nationwide. Irrigating with graywater is an opportunity for contractors 1). to potentially provide services for clients or 2). simply to educate them. Here’s an introduction to some options.   read more

Is there a growing interest in graywater systems?

June 6, 2014By
Photo: EarthCare Landscaping

The first graywater systems installed by EarthCare Landscaping in Cupertino, Calif., were complex, messy projects. A decade ago in California, graywater—the wastewater generated from a home’s washing machines, sinks, dishwashers and showers—was deemed equivalent to sewage, and the state made sustainable-minded homeowners, who saw usable water quite literally going down the drain, jump through complicated hoops to make use of... read more

Saving every last drop

July 3, 2012By

Conservation-minded landscape professionals are turning to rainwater harvesting and graywater systems to recycle water.  With the heat wave that engulfed the country this month, no doubt many Americans have taken the liberty of letting the sprinkler run a tad bit longer than usual. We hope people have been paying as much attention to the calendar as they have to the... read more

CSU team investigates graywater use for landscape irrigation

March 5, 2009By

FORT COLLINS, CO — Graywater – nonpotable water from showers, handwash sinks and laundry – is used for residential landscape irrigation in a number of states in the Southwest; however, little is known about long-term effects of this practice, according to Colorado State University civil engineers. Sybil Sharvelle and Larry Roesner, professors with the Urban Water Center in Colorado State’s... read more