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Start spring off right with fall fertilization

November 14, 2022By

Be prepared: As the calendar turns and dormancy nears, both warm- and cool-season turf nutrition needs change, experts say. read more

How to unlock the benefits of humates

October 24, 2022By
(Photo: The Grounds Guys)

Experts share application tips and how humates contain humic and folic acid that can boost the overall health of the turf. read more

My LM Growth Summit Experience

February 23, 2022By
Scot Jones, Steel Green Manufacturing co-founder and and Scott Lamon of Tynic Landscaping. (Photo: LM Staff)

An attendee recaps the return of the LM Growth Summit in Orlando, with a little help from some friends from Landscape Management. read more

Growth Summit Spotlight: Greene County Fertilizer

July 1, 2021By

Greene County Fertilizer Company is a manufacturer and supplier of soil amending fertilizers for liquid lawn care, garden, turf care and agricultural products, specialty fertility products, humic acid, biostimulants, N-Ext™ brand, private label fertilizer products, custom blended programs, bio-based fertilizers, made in USA. Buy Direct. Distributor of Lawn and Ornamental pest control products. Greene County Fertilizer Company’s bio-based fertilizers are... read more

Learn why fertilizer prices are on the rise

June 17, 2021By
Fertilizer spreader (Photo: BanksPhotos/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Industry experts explain what caused the fertilizer price increase and share a few ways lawn care can offset the rising costs. read more

Greene County Fertilizer Company: N-Ext RGS™ Soil & Plant Formula

May 1, 2021By

N-Ext RGS™ Soil & Plant Formula is a biological magnifier. It is designed to increase rooting potential and decrease stress caused by heat and drought. The biologically active material contains Humic Acids and Sea Kelp to aid in initial spring green up, to buffer and extend nitrogen release rates, and to add oxygen to the soil profile for greater nutrient... read more