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Tips to help you determine the ideal mower for each property

August 17, 2023By
Knowing the right mower for a property saves time and allows for greater productivity. (Photo: Gravely)

Experts break down the best situations to deploy ride-on, walk-behind, stand-on and autonomous mowers. read more

Greenworks and Sperber showcase battery-operated lineup at exclusive event

April 18, 2023By

Property managers, community leaders and developers got a chance to try their hands at Greenworks battery-powered equipment. read more

LM Gallery: March 2023

March 21, 2023By
(Photo: LM Staff)

See photos from the National Association of Landscape Professionals Leaders Forum, where Editor Christina Herrick was on hand to meet with industry leaders. read more

Important tips to know before you make the switch to battery

March 20, 2023By
Experts say battery-powered handheld equipment has come a long way since the early days of the technology. (Photo: Echo)

Experts break down and answer the important questions you need to ask before adopting battery-powered equipment at your operation. read more

Seth’s Cut: Tracking the LM team’s fantastic voyages across the country

February 22, 2023By
DiFranco got an up-close look at Greenworks’ new OptimusZ zero-turn mower during his tour of the factory. (Photo: LM Staff)

Seth Jones breaks down the start of 2023, which saw our staff attend industry events throughout the country and meet with industry leaders along the way. read more

Greenworks opens the doors to its first US-based manufacturing facility

January 23, 2023By
Greenworks new Morristown, Tenn., facility will employ up to 550 by 2025 according to the company. (Photo: LM Staff)

Greenworks opened its first U.S.-based manufacturing facility in Morristown, Tenn., where it will produce its new battery-powered OptimusZ ride-on mower. read more