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Why you should harness the power of selectivity

May 10, 2022By
profit (Illustration:

Greg Herring says the power of selectivity allows the company to choose more profitable services with higher profit margin customers. read more

A close look at BrightView’s latest developments and financial trends

February 22, 2022By

Greg Herring discusses BrightView and their ESG initiatives while looking at the company's latest financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2021. read more

Insights on BrightView’s growth, response to wage inflation

August 30, 2021By
Analytics chart (Photo: winvic / iStock / Getty Images / Getty Images Plus)

Greg Herring of The Herring Group evaluates the growth of BrightView's maintenance business and explains how the company will offset wage inflation. read more

Aspire Software offers two webinars on conquering labor challenges

August 17, 2021By

Kevin Kehoe, founder of Aspire Software, and Greg Herring, CEO of The Herring Group to share strategic shifts businesses should consider to combat labor woes. read more

How to set your landscape business on a path to growth

August 6, 2021By
Photo: ImagePixel/iStock / Getty Images/Getty Images Plus

Greg Herring shows how hiring the right management team and empowering managers to make good decisions can set your business on a path to growth. read more

BrightView revenue boosted by snow, still searching for growth

May 11, 2021By

BrightView discovered gold in the form of snow during the quarter ended March 31, 2021. Revenue of $226.0 million from snow removal services in the most recent quarter was more than double the revenue from the same quarter last year ($102.5 million). As seen in the table below, this additional snow revenue helped increase both the gross profit margin and... read more