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Growing Your Business With Jeffrey Scott: High profit leaders

February 11, 2019By

High Profit Leaders make decisions differently from low or average profit leaders. Watch this short video to learn how they excel. read more

Growing your business with Jeffrey Scott: budgeting for profit

January 9, 2019By

Budgeting for profit takes a specific path, different from budgeting for growth. Tune into this video to learn how to raise your profits. read more

Grow Your Business with Jeffrey Scott: Push yourself (hard) out of your comfort zone

October 6, 2017By
Photo: Jeffrey Scott

In order to keep growing, learning and evolving (you, and your business), you need to keep pushing yourself—hard—out of your comfort zone. You may need someone else to push you! Learn how this process works and how it could be the secret to continual success in this latest video from Jeffrey Scott.  read more

Grow Your Business with Jeffrey Scott: The Passionate Leader

September 5, 2017By

The passionate leader who operates from a place of high-value is the ultimate entrepreneur. Find where your passion and value intersect and drive your business growth. read more

Growing Your Business with Jeffrey Scott: Competition is Great—When You Harness it!

August 3, 2017By

Competition is great for your business, when you harness it and use it to motivate you and your employees every day to make the right decisions. read more

Highlights from Jeffrey Scott’s workshop in Texas

February 29, 2016By

Jeffrey Scott, in partnership with LM, brought his Grow Your Landscape Business Workshop to the Holt Cat facility in Little Elm, Texas, Feb. 25. Twenty-three landscape company owners and high-level employees were in attendance. Many attendees owned companies in Texas, like Managing Partners Julie Donie and Alexa Villalobos of Fertile Grounds in Austin, Texas. Others traveled farther, such as Owner Mike Pruitt of Master’s Landscape Design in... read more