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Syngenta’s Acelepryn Xtra insecticide now registered for use on lawns

August 28, 2023By

Two modes of action with this insecticide offer broader-spectrum control for grubs, billbugs, chinch bugs, ants and more. read more

Why you need to sell grub control as insurance for lawns

July 27, 2023By
Experts stress a preventive treatment is the best way to sell grub control to clients. (Photo: ETCH Outdoor Living)

A preventive strategy is the best approach when selling a green, healthy and grub-free lawn. read more

Management tips for common grubs

October 26, 2022By
Asiatic garden beetle; European chafer; green June beetle; Japanese beetle; typical masked chafer; oriental beetle; Typical May/June beetle, black turfgrass ataenius. (Photo: Ohio State University Extension)

Before beginning treatment to combat grub damage, hear from some experts to learn how proper pest identification will help ensure the best control results. read more

Bayer’s Tetrino insecticide now registered for use in California

August 30, 2022By

Bayer's control for white grubs, bluegrass billbugs, fall armyworm and other pests is now available for LCOs in The Golden State. read more

FMC files patent infringement lawsuit against Aceto US

May 9, 2022By

FMC said Aceto US’s shipments of chlorantraniliprole violate company's patent for active ingredients used to treat sod webworms, grubs and more. read more

Do’s and don’ts of grub control

April 19, 2022By
Grubs can ruin a lawn by eating roots, causing browning and turf loss. (Photo: Quali-pro)

Grubs eat roots, causing the grass to wilt and increase the likeliness of turf loss but some experts share when, how and why LCOs can treat this turf pest. read more