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Immigration Issues: Better off with Trump or Clinton?

July 6, 2016By

  Now that the two presumptive presidential candidates have been chosen, which candidate will be more likely to fix the broken immigration system and seasonal guest-worker programs, like H-2B? To look at this question we’ll need to separate comprehensive immigration reform from the guest-worker programs that the green industry relies upon. Let’s take immigration reform first. Clinton on comprehensive immigration... read more

Michigan landscape company shuts down due to H-2B delays

April 1, 2016By

After 31 years, Litzenburger Landscape shut its doors due to delays in the H-2B guest-worker visa process, the Petoskey News reported. The Harbor Springs, Mich.-based landscape company notified customers of its closing in a March 14 letter. The letter cited significant delays this year in processing the federal H-2B visas for guest workers from Mexico. The workers make up a large... read more

BuzzFeed reports on H-2 program abuse

December 11, 2015By

A new report from BuzzFeed found some employers “go to extraordinary lengths” to avoid hiring U.S. workers so they qualify for foreign workers through the H-2A and H-2B guest worker programs. It also said some state and federal officials allowed companies to disobey “not only the spirit, but the letter, of the law.” The landscape industry is one of the largest users... read more

H-2B or not H-2B: Contractors affected by the visa program

January 1, 2012By

That sigh of relief you might have heard late last month was the collective exhalation from contractors across the country expressing their relief that two rule changes that would drastically alter the H-2B visiting worker program were put on hold until later this year. On December 16, Congress included language as part of its spending bill that delayed the change... read more