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TAG: Halogen lighting

Re-lamped: Halogen to LED conversions

September 4, 2018By
Aftershot of house with lighting (Photo: Mckay Landscape Lighting)

With approximately 95 percent of all new landscape lighting installations being LED, according to Kristoff Byrd, landscape lighting category manager for SiteOne Landscape Supply, LEDs themselves are not necessarily a trend. “LED is much more efficient, lasts longer and is much easier to install and maintain for a contractor than halogen,” he says. “As LED prices have dropped, more and... read more

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting: vPro Transformer

July 7, 2014By

Vista’s new vPro Solid State Transformer and proprietary smartphone app gives homeowners complete control of landscape lighting. The vPro Transformer’s lightweight, stainless steel design is low profile, easy to handle, has installation flexibility and maintains aesthetic quality. Solid-state technology eliminates stepping, ensuring smooth, fluid lighting adjustments from zero percent to fully bright for any light source—LED or Halogen—or lamp brand. Using the accompanying app... read more