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Three companies share how you can save when you revamp your irrigation systems

November 15, 2023By
Maas Verde Landscape Restoration worked to fix a nonfunctioning irrigation system at a popular Texas state park. (Photo courtesy of Maas Verde Landscape Restoration)

Three companies, including Maas Verde in Central Texas, discuss how they overcame irrigation nightmares. read more

Water World: An irrigation transformation

July 31, 2023By
(Photo: Harvest Landscape Enterprises)

Harvest Landscape Enterprises worked with property owners to retrofit the outdated irrigation system with new equipment. The total project spans about 141 acres and about 1,120 valves. read more

People on the Move: Promotions and hirings from Bland Landscaping, Ruppert Landscaping, Stanley Black & Decker and more

May 23, 2023By

Hirings and promotions from Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Ruppert Landscape, Bland Landscaping, Prime Source, PBI-Gordon and more. read more

Recommender: What’s your favorite irrigation controller and why do you like it?

February 7, 2023By
Max Moreno, vice president of water conservation with Harvest Landscape, says HydroPoint WeatherTRAK Optiflow XR helps his operation manage multiple points of connection. (Photo: Harvest Landscape)

Some irrigation experts share their favorite irrigation controller and why it could be a valuable item to add to your toolbox. read more

Landscaping trends that can help save water

February 7, 2023By
Moreno says Kurapia, a low-lying ground cover, is gaining in popularity as a turfgrass alternative in the Western U.S. (Photo: Max Moreno)

Climate change and dwindling resources present the industry with challenging obstacles and Max Moreno explains why every drop counts when it comes to water. read more

State of the Industry Report: Path to success in 2023

December 14, 2022By , and
(Illustration: ulimi/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images)

It is a wild time to be in the landscape and lawn care business, but experts remain bullish on the future of the industry. read more