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Blizzard Snowplows: HD Series and Speedwing

December 13, 2013By

Blizzard now offers both the Speedwing multi-position winged-blade and HD Series straight blades for skid-steer loader applications. Speedwing clears an 8 ft., 7 in. swath in straight-ahead scoop position and a 7 ft., 10 in. swath when angled for windrowing. The HD Series is available in 7.5-, 8-, 8.5- and 9-ft. blade widths. BlizzardPlows.com read more

Fisher: XBlade and HD Series

August 12, 2013By

The new XBlade (pictured) and HD Series for skid-steer loaders feature a universal skid-steer mounting plate; the machine’s standard auxiliary hydraulics provide the power to angle the blade left or right. Available in 8- and 9-ft. widths, XBlade combines Fisher’s exclusive X-bracing with corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel moldboards and proven trip-edge design. FisherPlows.com read more