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August 2013 Web Extra: Figuring the tax credit

August 2, 2013By

Answer the following questions: Do you have 25 or fewer full-time employees? Are their average annual wages less than $50,000? And do you contribute more than 50 percent of your employee’s total premium costs? If your answers are “yeses,” you may well receive some assistance with your health insurance premiums under the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA). You may be... read more

August 2013 Web Extra: Get some ACA help

August 2, 2013By

Knowledge pays. That goes double for a vast piece of legislation such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Want to learn more? The Internet offers a number of useful sources. “It would be helpful for employers to go to healthcare.gov,” says Larry S. Boress, President and CEO of the Midwest Business Group on Health, a Chicago-based consortium of more than... read more

Reducing costs, improving lives

August 1, 2013By

Research shows about 40 percent of all health care expenses in the U.S. stem from preventable chronic illnesses that are most often caused by three lifestyle choices: physical inactivity, poor diet and tobacco use, according to the Cleveland Clinic. At the same time, the Affordable Care Act is forcing employers’ hands to offer health care to all workers or pay... read more