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5 steps to a greener fleet

September 16, 2012By

The soaring price of fuel has pushed some landscape companies to seek budget-driven practices and alternative fuels. For other business owners, the motivation to become more efficient comes from the need to project an environmentally friendly image in the community. Some contractors just want to adopt more earth-minded business practices. The reasons might be different, but every business can use... read more

Snow and ice guide: User (and profit) friendly

August 11, 2012By

Phil Harwood wasn’t buying into technology when he was a principal of a major Green Industry company 10 years ago, but he wouldn’t go without it if he were in the business today. Harwood, president of Pro-Motion Consulting, has seen how far job-tracking system functionality has come. Business technology has come so far, the way companies manage equipment and personnel... read more

Dealing with customers in the landscape business

March 10, 2012By

By Heather Taylor The recently made popular phrase “one-percenters” comes with the implication that the most affluent Americans and their lifestyles are worlds apart from most other Americans. Does the same philosophy apply to their service expectations? While lawn care and landscaping clients with home values passing the million-dollar mark might have more zeroes at the end of their maintenance... read more