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Industrial Truck Beds by Hilltip unveils interchangeable winter maintenance bed

July 10, 2023By
The interchangeable system offers users increased efficiency. (Photo: Hilltip)

Industrial Truck Beds by Hilltip introduced an interchangeable winter maintenance bed designed for use with interchangeable-style truck bodies. read more

Hilltip’s new deicing sprayers feature electric-driven high-flow pumps

April 18, 2023By
(Photo: Hilltip)

Hilltip’s new sprayers range from 500 to 3,2500 gallons for high performance and are suited for municipalities and large contractors. read more

Hilltip adds push broom attachment

December 14, 2022By
Hilltip's SweepAway push broom comes in a light series with eight brush rows or a medium series with 12 brush rows. (Photo: Hilltip)

Push broom attachment in sizes from 59 to 118 inches wide is compatible with forklifts, tractors, loaders, excavators and more. read more

Companies in the News: Updates at Echo, Hardscape North America, Hilltip and more

November 9, 2022By
Echo sold custom-made t-shirts with proceeds benefitting breast cancer awareness at Equip Expo 2022 (Photo: Echo)

The latest news and updates from green industry companies, including Echo, Hardscape North America, Hilltip, Outdoor Living Supply and more. read more

Hilltip launches tailgate-mounted de-icing sprayers

August 27, 2021By

Hilltip's SprayStriker de-icing sprayers available for UTVs and other small vehicles allow smaller vehicles to spray walkways and other hard-to-reach areas. read more

Hilltip intros new IceStriker large size spreader

August 10, 2021By
Hilltip's new 6000CM 6 cubic yard model is the largest available from the company in North America. (Photo: Hilltip)

Hilltip's new large IceStriker 6000CM Combi Spreader boasts a 6 cubic yard capacity and is available as a chain-driven unit. read more