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Guest Post: Maximize your hiring success on your green industry website

May 16, 2018By

Using the power of the internet or social media to hire people does not have to be hard, be done by millennials only or be something to fear. Here are four steps to help you maximize your website to its full recruiting potential. Attract First you must get people to your website. Job recruiting boards such as Indeed are almost always... read more

Profit Power: 3 mistakes when recruiting ‘A players’

March 21, 2018By

First, let’s define what I mean by an “A player.” An A player is someone you would grade as an A on job performance and on their fit into your company culture. Keep in mind that all A players are not the same. An A player—for your company, for a specific job you are hiring for—might be a B player... read more

How to find talent + hire smoothly

May 11, 2017By and
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Prepared managers don’t rely on luck to find great prospects; they use existing employees and a cohesive hiring process. Like ideal clients, new qualified employees don’t just walk in your front door. So how do you find them? You have to market yourself as a valued employer and your company as a great place for employees to spend their careers... read more

4 interview questions you must ask

April 28, 2017By
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Life is all about choices. In every moment, we make choices. Do this or do that. Go here or go there. It’s endless. And every choice produces a logical outcome, a result. The most important choice we make in business is who gets hired. When you hire the right people, you create a win/win/win situation. You win, your employees win... read more

Tips for attracting Gen Y

April 10, 2017By
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Yield higher quality applicants by understanding young workers. I know, I know…millennials are lazy, tree-hugging, coffee-swilling liberal hipsters, right? Also known as Gen Y and “Generation Me,” this group of potential employees is believed to be difficult to attract and almost impossible to retain for any length of time. But that’s not necessarily so. Research indicates that if you put... read more

Leading: People first

January 23, 2017By

I learned a few things about business as an undergraduate in college, plus a few more in grad school. The combined curriculum of finance, accounting, economics, marketing, management, statistics, organization theory, business law, communications and other courses all provided me with a useful foundation for effective business analysis and decision-making. It wasn’t until I dove head first into the working... read more