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What to do when good people leave

March 29, 2016By

There are times in every business when we face the challenging and often sad news that one of our key managers has decided to move on. The first reaction from leadership is often surprise. “How could we have missed this?” This thought is followed by fear and dread. “How will we make it and what will people think?” Finally, it... read more

Editorial Advisory Board: Successful recruiting tactics

March 8, 2016By

What one thing separates companies that are succeeding in recruitment from ones that aren’t? Landscape Professionals Richard Bare Arbor-Nomics Turf Norcross, Ga. “You have to create an environment to draw the best and the brightest because people come in from an ad, look around and say, ‘Is this where I want to spend the best days and years of my... read more

Efficiency Tip: Good questions

January 15, 2016By

As it gets more difficult to find qualified team members, it’s more important to focus company resources on this effort, says Andrew Ziehler, president of Ziehler Lawn & Tree Care in Centerville, Ohio. But he realized the company was spending too much time reviewing applications and interviewing candidates who didn’t meet company requirements. So, about two years ago, the company... read more

ABCs of employee retention

January 12, 2016By

Employers added 271,000 jobs in October, far exceeding economists’ forecasts. The unemployment rate slipped a tenth of a point to 5 percent and average hourly earnings moved up 0.4 percent, doubling economists’ expectations. So, how are you ensuring your best team members don’t jump ship? Employee retention efforts don’t have to be elaborate. You just have to do a good... read more

High Performance: Mirrors, not zombies, are the answer

August 24, 2015By

In a previous blog post, I jokingly referred to hiring zombies as a way to solve the labor shortage. I don’t actually think this the best solution, not only because zombies don’t exist, but also because the real solution isn’t going to be found in some new recruiting technique. The real solution is only going to be found by becoming... read more

High Performance: Now hiring zombies

August 17, 2015By

We have decided to start hiring zombies. You see, we’ve done everything possible to find normal, living beings but they just aren’t available. So, we’re going to go after a non-traditional population. The only issue with zombies is their preferred diet, but I think we could work around that. Besides, hiring zombies is the only option left. Sound familiar? Some... read more