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Ohio contractor sued over undelivered services

October 30, 2014By

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine filed a civil suit against a landscape contractor who didn’t deliver on paid services after closing his business in March, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. Israel Alex Barrett, of Cape Coral, Fla., who the suit is against, operated under a score of company names such as Plain Lawn & Landscape, Alex’s Elite Lawn Care and... read more

Ohio landscape pro sued for violating consumer laws

March 25, 2014By

In a lawsuit filed by the Ohio attorney general’s office, David Rose of All-Star Powerhouse Disciples Landscaping and Tree Service was charged with violations of Ohio’s consumer laws, according to Dayton Daily News. A total of 15 consumers filed complaints saying they paid the Springfield, Ohio-based firm for work that was not completed. Filed in Montgomery County, the attorney general’s... read more

Ohio Attorney General sues landscaping business owner

December 3, 2013By

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed a lawsuit against Thomas Huber Jr., operating under the business names of Huber’s Tree Care, Capital Tree Service and Tree Doctor, for multiple violations of Ohio’s consumer laws. “This individual represented that he was licensed to perform services that he wasn’t licensed to provide,” DeWine said. “It’s unfair to consumers when individuals or businesses... read more