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TAG: human resources

What to do when good people leave

March 29, 2016By

There are times in every business when we face the challenging and often sad news that one of our key managers has decided to move on. The first reaction from leadership is often surprise. “How could we have missed this?” This thought is followed by fear and dread. “How will we make it and what will people think?” Finally, it... read more

Web Extra: How Taylor Irrigation evaluates employees like Marines

December 1, 2015By

The November 2015 issue of LM outlined key performance indicators from a few landscape companies, including Taylor Irrigation Service, based in Houston. Here’s the company’s system for reviewing employees, based on President & CEO John Taylor’s experience in the Marine Corps. Any veteran of the Marine Corps will recognize the Pro & Con method of evaluation (short for “proficiency” and... read more

Systemization Series: Core functions of business—administration

March 19, 2015By

This post is part four of Dan Pestretto’s seven-part systemization series. Read on to part five, “Systemization Series: Core functions of business—management,” here. While operations is where your branding can have a big impact on differentiating your business from your competition, administration processes are more similar from company to company. These processes can be more easily outsourced, and they frequently are in smaller companies.... read more

Landscape business owner begs for workers

May 21, 2014By

Lance Forsee might be the first panhandler to bum a resume off a passerby instead of a buck. As a new employee recruitment technique, the president of Colonial Lawn and Garden took to the streets begging for folks to apply to job openings at the Yakima, Wash.-based company. He carried a cardboard sign and all. A little more than a... read more

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Potential overtime changes, speed reading

March 12, 2014By

After a week on hiatus, I’m back with a few links of note. What have you been reading lately? Or are you bogged down already by the 2014 season? Still plowing snow? We’d like to know. Email me at or share with us on social media. “Obama Will Seek Broad Expansion of Overtime Pay” New York Times Via LM... read more

Why immigration reform is inevitable

December 5, 2013By

The “small window that’s closing fast” for immigration reform to happen before the end of the year slammed shut in November, at least for the time being. It was clear that the window had been “nailed shut,” as American Nursery & Landscape Association’s Craig Regelbrugge put it, when finger-pointing began in mid-November over why immigration reform failed – not only... read more