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Landscape Live! Insight of the Night: The power of snacks

November 21, 2013By

Last night was a first for Landscape Live! LM Editor Marisa Palmieri was our very first guest host. She did an incredible job interviewing Jason Cupp, Kolbe Certified Growth Expert, located in Kansas City, Mo. During his interview Cupp gave a great example of a landscape company that has an excellent employee retention rate. In other words, its employees stay... read more

Green Industry labor crisis: Let’s get busy

August 7, 2013By

You can’t be with a group of landscape contractors long before the conversation turns to the topic of the difficulty finding and retaining good employees. I hear stories of ads run in newspapers or online with no responses. Or of potential employees interviewed and offered a job, who don’t show for the first day of work. But you know the... read more

3 tips for employee files

June 17, 2013By

Many landscape companies don’t have a full-time human resources professional on staff to ensure they’re following correct processes, procedures and best practices. Are you one of those companies? If so, landscape consultants Ed Laflamme and Bill Arman are addressing some of those needs this month in their weekly video. Here are three tips for storing employee files: 1. Keep two... read more


November 16, 2012By

LandOpt works with successful, independently owned landscape contractors on whole business improvement. LandOpt’s goal for your business in providing systems and processes for sales/marketing, operations, human resources and business systems, along with role specific training and on-site coaching, is that of helping to create profitable growth, improved productivity and defined career paths for your team members.  Based in exclusive territories,... read more

My Biggest Mistake: Eric Bruss

October 9, 2012By

Letting go of poor performers is tough, but it pays off. Hanging on to the wrong employee was a mistake Eric Bruss made not once, but twice. Although he knew he didn’t have the right person for the job, he says he tried to make it work because he wanted to be a nice guy. In the end, it would... read more