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Live Earth launches Humate Soil Conditioner and liquid lawn fertilizer

August 2, 2022By

Live Earth, a manufacturer of humic and fulvic acid-based products, launched its Humate Soil Conditioner and Blitz 22 Plus Liquid Lawn Fertilizer. read more

How humates help your turf

October 11, 2021By
(Photo: Jon Rehg / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Humates can cause some confusion in the industry but experts explain how adding them to a lawn care program can create healthier, hardier turf. read more

Humates: A turf tamer

October 15, 2020By
Healthy turf (Photo: Shuttertop/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Lawn care operators from Spray Tech Solutions and Yards Done Right discuss how humates help give turf better color and root growth. read more

Humates and biochars: Better soil, less toil

December 6, 2019By
The higher cost of humates and biochars is often offset by increased soil efficiency. (Photo: LebanonTurf)

Humates and biochars have been around for quite some time, but within the past five to 10 years, lawn care operators (LCOs) have begun to recognize the value they provide in improving soil health and feeding the plant. “There’s a renewed interest because of the regulatory pressure that’s coming down in the industry,” says Jeremy Bigler, landscape channel manager for... read more