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Target Specialty Products: Turf Fuel’s XChange

November 21, 2018By

Turf Fuel’s XChange is a high carbon blend of university proven biostimulants to bring the best out of your soil, turf and landscape plants. XChange’s humic acid gives your landscape access to otherwise unavailable soil nutrients while shielding plants from sodium damage. The high carbon load in XChange brings your soil to life by delivering key food supplies to microorganisms.... read more

Solu-Cal: PEAK Iron + Mag

July 12, 2017By

Give your turf a great summer with Solu-Cal PEAK Iron + Mag. Fostering no-surge growth while promoting dark green color. Powered by Organic Humic/Fulvic Acid Technology to significantly increase nutrient availability Micro nutrient delivery with Soluble Calcium (12 percent), Iron (5 percent), Mg (5 percent) Covers 5,000 to 10,000 sq. ft. with a 6- to 8-week green up Safe to... read more

Solu-Cal: Humic Plus

June 6, 2016By

New Humic Plus with Solu-Cal delivers the power of activated humic acid teamed with Solu-Cal soluble calcium in a dust-free pellet. Humic Plus with Solu-Cal chelates soil-stored and applied nutrients, allowing for maximum uptake of stored and applied N and P. Humic Plus also delivers an essential Carbon source to stimulate soil and improve soil microbiology. By providing oxidized carbon,... read more

The Andersons’ Humic DG available in Canada

February 11, 2015By

The Andersons’ Humic DG product is now available to customers in the Canadian turf, agriculture and horticulture markets. Listed as a registered supplement by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Humic DG is a dispersing granule humic acid product that provides a full complement of humic substances including fulvic, humic and humin acids. Humic acid is a natural soil conditioner that... read more

Pearl Valley Organix Healthy Grow

November 17, 2014By

Healthy Grow’s HG 2-3-2  is an organic-based fertilizer that provides a quick, natural way to establish sod and seed. The Pearl Valley Organix brand’s HG 2-3-2 contains humic and fulvic acids combined with the biologically rich compost to create a synergistic effect on landscapes unlike other fertilizer or soil conditioners. It also works well on established landscapes, thin areas on bunker faces and any other... read more