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One irrigation contractor shares his experience with smart controllers

December 14, 2021By
Train the techs: Be sure technicians are trained on how to properly handle irrigation technology. (Photo: Serpico Landscaping)

Peter Novak, CEO and president of Serpico Landscaping in Hayward, Calif., gives his take on using smart irrigation controllers. read more

Water less, do more

November 15, 2019By
Irrigation (Photo: Gachina Landscape Management)

Irrigation technology is turning the tides on excessive water use while still providing results. Irrigation experts explain why. read more

Water World: Water-saving success

May 13, 2019By
Irrigation technology (Photo: Deborah Harkins, HydroPoint)

Location: Palo Alto, Calif. Company: Gachina Landscape Management A well-planned irrigation system is never more important than during a drought. With water conservation in mind, Gachina Landscape Management renovated Oak Creek Apartments’ irrigation system. It was California’s worst drought in decades, but the Gachina team helped Oak Creek take advantage of a $50,000 rebate from the Santa Clara Valley Water... read more

HydroPoint lands distribution partnership with FIS Outdoor

March 10, 2015By

HydroPoint Data Systems entered into a distribution partnership with FIS Outdoor in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. With 35 branch locations and more than 200 employees, FIS Outdoor is a landscape and irrigation distributor in five of the southeastern United States. “We have been watching the progress of this technology, and were waiting for the perfect partner,” said David Baldwin, director... read more

Ep.114: The next generation of smart controllers

January 21, 2015By

Chris Spain, co-founder of HydroPoint, explains how this next generation of smart irrigation systems will make it possible for an irrigation contractor to respond to a high flow alert, remotely verify when the master valve is closed down and send a status report to the property manager. Irrigation controllers have advanced significantly with the emerging growth of technology. Long gone... read more

HydroPoint unveils Fall 2014 WeatherTRAK

November 21, 2014By

HydroPoint Data Systems debuted its Fall 2014 WeatherTRAK Smart Irrigation system at the 2014 Irrigation Show & Education Conference. According to the company, the new model was designed to help property managers, water managers and site maintainers address larger sites, better manage irrigation assets, share documents and notes and streamline controller configurations and reporting. New features on the irrigation management system include the WeatherTRAK... read more