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Government Affairs: Immigration reform at a standstill

October 6, 2014By

For some months now, the Obama administration has been threatening to use presidential executive powers to fix the broken immigration system in the face of congressional inaction. In frustration over the lack of action by the House on immigration reform issues, in early May President Barack Obama ordered Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to review steps that the administration could... read more

Government affairs: Delayed reform

July 7, 2014By
Photo: Kim Newburg/PublicDomainPictures.net

In my June blog, I expressed some hope a window had opened a crack to move immigration reform forward in Congress: House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) were sending positive signals the House would move bills; The Obama administration had suspended efforts to seek administrative solutions in lieu of congressional inaction; Pro-immigration forces were marshaling... read more

Government Affairs: Opportunity for immigration reform

June 2, 2014By

Just when possibility for Congressional action this year on immigration reform seemed doomed, a small breeze came in through the window. Players on the Republican and Democratic sides of the issue seem to agree there is narrow window of opportunity for immigration reform in June and July this summer. That window has been created by the conclusion of the spring... read more

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Immigration reform talk rears its head

May 14, 2014By

Immigration reform is a perennial issue for the landscape industry. The promise of Congress passing a comprehensive bill to address the nation’s broken immigration system doesn’t come about very often, but it reared its head again this week. Obama: 2-3 months for immigration reform Politico Earlier this week President Obama said legislators on Capitol Hill have only about two to... read more

Throwback Thursday: April 2006

March 20, 2014By

“In the pre-dawn glow of the security lights on Monterrey’s Ocampo Street, the hopefuls arrive, lugging duffel bags and pulling small suitcases behind them. Many spent the previous night in a nearby hotel. For $12 each they get a clean place to sleep four to a room and a couple of simple but filling meals. The overnight stay is needed... read more

PLANET/LM immigration survey shows support for citizenship “road map”

March 18, 2014By

With some signs in Congress that immigration reform may happen this year, Landscape Management and the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) partnered on an immigration sentiments survey among members of the landscape and lawn care industry. The survey was fielded online in February and March, garnering 536 responses with a +/-5 percent margin of error and a 95 percent confidence interval.... read more