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TAG: insect control

UC Riverside scientists test pheromone lure for deadly palm tree pest

May 31, 2022By

Scientists at UC Riverside will test pheromones to lure a deadly palm tree foe to contact insecticides as a part of a $1.1 million research project. read more

Get grubs gone

October 10, 2019By
Taking a preventive approach to dealing with grubs is often the most effective control method. Photo: Bayer

Here are a few tips for controlling European chafers and Japanese beetles, two prevalent types of grubs lawn care operators may encounter. read more

Bug off: Treat and control billbugs

August 15, 2019By
Photo: Dean Mosdell, Syngenta

Technical managers from Syngenta and Nufarm share management advice for billbugs, one of the most widespread and damaging insects for turfgrass. read more

Chinch bug mug

January 16, 2019By
Chinch bug damage (Photo: David J. Shetlar)

Chinch bug damage to lawns can range from subtle to dramatic, resulting in brown turf that can be confused with drought stress or leaf spot disease. Here, David J. Shetlar, Ph.D., professor emeritus of urban landscape entomology at The Ohio State University, offers some recommendations for how you can ID and control a chinch bug infestation. Identify the culprit. Chinch... read more

Mirimichi Green releases ‘natural’ insect control products

December 12, 2017By

Mirimichi Green released four “natural” insect control products designed to control mosquitoes, fleas, ants, roaches, no-see-ums, chiggers and spiders. The products are Mirimichi Green Pest Control for use on landscapes; Mirimichi Green Growers Pest Control for use in gardening and crop production; Mirimichi Green Irrigation Pest Control for use in irrigation systems; and Mirimichi Green Personal Repellent for spraying on... read more

Dow AgroSciences XXpire WG Insecticide

July 15, 2015By

XXpire™ WG insecticide offers two modes of action to control chewing and sap-feeding pests. It combines two new active ingredients, Isoclast® Active and spinetoram, and is effective on more than 40 species, including seven of the 10 most troublesome ornamental insects. XXpire controls whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs, lepidopterans, lace bugs, certain scales and thrips, and suppresses spider mites, when used according... read more