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The Andersons: DuoCide

December 9, 2013By
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DuoCide Insect Control provides a preventive and curative treatment to control a variety of common insect pests, including ticks, grubs, fire ants, mole crickets, European crane flies and more. Similar in cost to other single-mode insecticides, the product combines carbaryl and bifenthrin into a unique multi-mode formula that enhances performance both above and below the surface. DuoCide’s performance is confirmed... read more

Preparing for an insect invasion

April 11, 2012By

By Joseph Doccola The winter of 2011-2012 was one of the warmest winters on record. While that might be a good thing to a lot of people, it means early pest pressure for trees and compressed treatment windows for applicators. Why is it so warm? Meteorologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) say that because it is a... read more