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TAG: Insight of the Night

Landscape Live! Insight of the Night: Library cards

February 6, 2014By

Maria Semple’s offered an unforeseen suggestion last night for how to dramatically increase your prospect list: Get a library card. In doing so, the principal of The Prospect Finder said you get free admittance to, an online database of companies, residences and businesses that is viewable only to those with a library membership. You can sort these lists by... read more

Landscape Live! Insight of the Night: Plant health care

January 2, 2014By

Last night on Landscape Live!, Barry Draycott of Tech Terra Environmental discussed the recent history of the treatment of tree, shrub and lawns for pests and how the process has evolved. It first began as a “cover sprays on calendar days” program, which was an “all in” system of just spraying wherever a pest might live. Integrated Pest Management (IPM)... read more

Landscape Live! Insight of the Night: Annual snow training

December 5, 2013By

Last night on Landscape Live! Tom Canete, owner of Canete Snow Management in Wayne, N.J., shared a wealth of knowledge about how snow and ice managers can improve their efficiencies before, during and after snow events to protect their businesses while still maintaining profits. One of the many insights Canete provided revolved around preparatory training for his employees and his... read more