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TAG: Internet

Go iLawn

November 25, 2016By

Go iLawn is the green industry’s go-to resource for fast, precise online property measurement. Go iLawn combines high resolution property photos and measuring tools in one easy-to-use application. Use Go iLawn to measure commercial and residential properties for maintenance, chemical application, irrigation, snow removal and more. Try it today for free to see how thousands of companies are using Go... read more

Goldhill Internet Academy training

October 22, 2012By

The Goldhill Group’s Internet Academy will show companies how to use their websites, the Internet, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and social media to grow their businesses. read more

Maximize customer reviews to grow your landscaping business

February 18, 2012By

By: Lee Gientke For or most landscapers, the Internet is game-changing. It used to be, and in many cases, still is that landscapers lived and died based upon face-to-face estimates and referrals from existing clients. Given the increasing prevalence of the Internet in peoples’ lives, whether on their desktop computers or on their phones, even the smallest shops can now compete... read more

Mac vs. PC: I choose Door No. 3

May 1, 2010By

Even though my first computer was an Apple IIc, I’ve been a Windows guy for years. I’m comfortable on a PC. My Dell Latitude 630 has been a great little laptop for me. But recently, I was given a 15-in. MacBook Pro, and I have to admit, I’m impressed. The real question, yet to be answered, is: Will I switch?... read more

Whit’s World: Want to grow on the cheap? Better leverage customers’ e-mails

August 1, 2009By

According to a July 2009 Landscape Management survey with 170 respondents, just 30% of landscapers know the e-mail addresses of even three-quarters of their customers. Very few landscapers know — and use — the e-mail addresses of all of their customers who have them. This is both a tremendous opportunity and threat: We must better obtain and use our customers’ e-mail addresses,... read more

Jacobs’ Journal: Read to feed your brain and business

February 1, 2009By

Throughout my life, few places have offered the comfort and solace of a bookstore. Many are the hours I’ve spent wandering the towering stacks (any good bookstore has shelves that are just out of arm’s reach) perusing countless titles covering every topic conceived. Yet like so many areas of life, the Internet has changed forever the way we buy our... read more