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Government Affairs: Crackdown on ‘cosmetic’ pesticide use

February 12, 2015By

Anti-pesticide forces are seeing some success in convincing local governments to ban “cosmetic” pesticides. The anti-pesticide activists define cosmetic pesticides as those used to make lawns and the general landscape look better. In other words, most of the pesticides used by the green industry. In July 2013, Takoma Park, Md., passed the Safe Grow Act of 2013, which generally restricts... read more

Study shows 60 percent of T&O professionals favor neonics

December 10, 2014By

A recent report provided neonicotinoids are the primary tools used by turf and ornamental (T&O) professionals to control destructive insect pests. The report, titled “The Value of Neonicotinoid Insecticides in Turf and Ornamentals: The Value of Neonicotinoids to Turf and Ornamental Professionals,” is one in a series that will be released over the next few months as part of a... read more

STMA set for January in Austin, Texas

September 10, 2010By

LAWRENCE, KS — Taking place Jan. 11-15, 2011, in Austin, TX, the SportsTurf Managers Association’s annual conference focuses on providing solutions and new ideas for managing sports facilities. Demonstrations, classroom education, roundtables, workshops, and networking all provide opportunities for sports turf managers to access information that will lead to success. The following takeaways provide attendees an overview of the main... read more

Clients’ 10 biggest lawn care gripes

September 1, 2003By

As the IPM homeowner specialist for the University of Georgia, I talk to an inquisitive public each day. Many times, I'm called for second opinions and used as a sounding board for public skepticism that, too often, is directed towards the lawn service industry. read more