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Recommender: Irrigation rotors

May 15, 2018By
irrigation rotor. Photo: Rain Bird

What irrigation rotors do you recommend and why? Jason Von Eschen Owner, Von Eschen Lawn & Landscape Wagner, S.D. “I prefer the Rain Bird 5004 rotors. I have been installing them since 2003 and have had great luck with them. The triple blade wiper seal is amazing compared to other brands that leak all too often.” Chris Husband Sprinkler Nerd,... read more

Latest in rotor tech

October 17, 2017By

Labor and efficiency drive rotor technology trends. Pop-up, open- and closed-case, multistream and mini. There are a variety of rotor types, styles and brands for irrigation professionals to choose from—and those options continue to improve to best meet their needs. Irrigation suppliers and contractors break down the product trends, updates and what to expect with rotor technology. Insider’s perspective Rotors... read more

Irrigation rotors: Which do you prefer and why?

May 11, 2015By
Photo: Toro irrigation

Patrick H. Crais Blue Watchdog Conservation Cardiff, Calif. “I’m a huge fan of the Hunter I-20 rotor due to the way the nozzles are easily installed. I also like its flow stop. It’s great during an installation and it’s a helpful feature when doing inspections and having to change nozzles.” Greg Winchel Winchel Irrigation Grandville, Mich. “Our rotor of preference... read more