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Spray smarts: A look at sprayhead trends

June 25, 2018By
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Thirty-one billion gallons of water could be saved each year by replacing water-inefficient sprayheads with efficient ones, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates. It’s no wonder the irrigation industry has started to see more water-saving sprayheads entering the market. After all, experts say water savings and cost savings go hand in hand. “Ultimately, the customer is going to have a... read more

What irrigation sprayheads do you prefer and why?

January 12, 2017By
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Jarod Roberts Owner, Westside Sprinkler & Property Performance Lakewood, Colo. “IrriGreen Genius Sprinklers. As shown in testing by the Center for Irrigation Technology, these heads with multistream nozzles use 40 percent less water to increase soil moisture by the same amount as regular rotors. With only one computerized smart head per zone, instead of six to nine rotors, there is... read more