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Experts’ Tips: Irrigation controllers

February 20, 2019By

Controllers Rain Bird Corp. Joe Porrazzo Product manager — controllers WiFi-enabled controllers are becoming increasingly popular as more people use their mobile devices to manage various systems on their properties. Choosing the right controller can be challenging for contractors because there isn’t a single perfect solution and different products work best for different applications. Contractors should consider their core customers’... read more

Hunter introduces web-based management for ICC2 controllers

February 12, 2019By

Hunter Industries introduced Centralus, a new irrigation management platform with web-based control for new and existing ICC2 dial-based controllers. read more

K-Rain unveils new irrigation controller

September 10, 2018By

K-Rain Manufacturing released the Pro-LC irrigation controller, the newest addition to its line of controllers. “Designed for residential and light commercial applications, the Pro-LC is an affordable, conventional controller with the features and benefits of more costly irrigation controllers,” said Chip Kah, president of K-Rain. Features of the controller include: Full-program display that highlights watering days, number of start days,... read more

Connecting with the latest in controller tech

February 28, 2018By
Photo: SiteOne Landscape Supply

Today’s irrigation controllers are driven by data and technology. Contractors who embrace these advancements are seeing the benefits. Technology has infiltrated every aspect of modern life, and the irrigation controller is no exception. The devices are more connected and data-driven than ever before, and contractors who are embracing the trends are seeing the advantages these advancements can bring. “We are... read more

Hydro-Rain launches B-hyve Pro Dashboard

February 22, 2018By

Hydro-Rain launched the B-hyve Pro Dashboard, an online tool that gives contractors control of their B-hyve Pro smart timers in one location. “The B-hyve Pro Dashboard takes smart-timer technology to the next level,” said Kim Hayes, vice president of Hydro-Rain. “Whether it’s a contractor managing dozens of timers or a property manager with thousands of irrigation controllers under their care, the... read more

Hunter acquires Alex-Tronix landscape irrigation business

June 25, 2015By

Hunter Industries acquired all the landscape irrigation products, patents and trademarks from Alex-Tronix Controls of Fresno, Calif. Since 1977, Alex-Tronix has been a creator of irrigation controller technology for the commercial landscape and agricultural irrigation industries. “For more than 30 years, George Alexanian and Alex-Tronix have developed innovations in control technology that have advanced water conservation,” said Greg Hunter, president... read more